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How to Trim a Beard Neckline the Right Way

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Whether you’re rocking a long beard or a short beard, wearing a perfectly styled beard requires time and effort. You need to keep it neat, clean, and healthy by using the right tools and grooming products to keep them in shape.

However, all the efforts of maintaining the perfect beard style will be in vain if you have a poorly-groomed beard neckline. A poorly maintained beard neckline will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Nobody wants to be the guy with a scraggly neck beard. Whether you have a long beard or short beard, it’s a good idea to ensure your neckline is neat. A neat beard neckline is the best way to show off any healthy beard hair look.

But how do you trim a beard neckline the right way? If you’re looking for the answer, you are in the right place! This article covers all the neckline shaving basics including identifying your neckline, finding the right trimming tools, and tips on trimming your beard neckline correctly.

Let’s begin!

How to Identify Your Neckline

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The first key step is properly identifying your beard neckline. There are two ways to determine where your neckline sits.

First Method

Place two fingers above your Adam’s Apple. Mark the spot at the top of your fingers. That’s approximately the bottom of your neckline.

Second Method

This is easier than the first method. Tilt your head down to find a crease under your jaw. Mark that crease spot, then straighten your head. That mark is your beard neckline.

What Tools Can Help You Get the Right Beard Neckline?

If you’re serious about keeping up your look, it’s a good idea to invest in some proper tools!

The first thing any beard owner should have is a beard brush or beard comb. Make it a habit to comb your beard and remove all the tangles and knots before you shave or trim. Doing so will also enable you to know the exact length as well as the growth line.

When looking into different beard brushes or combs online, keep wooden ones in mind. Wooden facial combs are considered to be the most convenient and compact of all, and you will be able to remove the knots more efficiently.

Once your beard is brushed and ready to be trimmed, you’ll need to use a beard trimmer. This is an important tool to get the job done.

Luckily, you can find a variety of trimmers with easy to manage price ranges! We recommended investing in a high-grade beard trimmer that comes with good blades and a variety of guards.

You can even consider getting an all-in-one beard shaping tool that is made from clear plastic. With a clear beard shaper, you will be able to see your beard and neckline easily while trimming it. You can also use tools like this for sideburns and cheek lines to get a preferred beard shape.

What To Know Before Trimming Your Beard Neckline

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Before you begin the trimming process, keep the following tips in mind:

  • It is recommended to get a three-way mirror as it will help you to identify your neckline easily
  • Avoid trimming up too high as this can make your face appear bigger than your beard
  • While trimming, stretch the skin underneath your chin with the help of your fingers. If your skin is not stretched properly, there are chances that you end up missing a spot or even cut yourself, especially when you are using an electric razor instead of a trimmer.

Trimming Your Beard Neckline

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Ready to start? You can trim your beard neckline in three ways: with a beard shaping tool, with a razor, or go freehand. We’re going to cover the steps for all three of these methods here:

How to Trim a Beard Neckline with a Beard Shaping Tool

Having a beard shaping tool will help you trim your beard neckline in a much easier way. By using this tool, it will be easier to ensure that lines are even and symmetrical. The shaping tool will also help you when finding your beard neckline.

While using a beard shaping tool, select the side that you think will work best in defining your neckline. Now, it’s time to shave the hair by placing the tool along the neckline. Start by shaving the neck hair on one half of your face, and then the other half.

After shaving the neckline, you can shave the remaining middle part freehand. You can also use your beard shaping tool on your cheek line to create a straight and even look.

How to Trim a Beard Neckline with a Razor

Using a razor is preferred by many men who shave, giving them more control in their facial hair shape. However, the difficulty here is determining which razor is right for the job.

If you want to make a beard neckline with a razor, you have several options to choose from. The first step is deciding whether you want to go for a single blade or a multiple blade razor. While the choice is yours, we recommended you go with the single blade razors for the following reasons:

  • Single blade razors are sharper than the multiple blade razors
  • A single blade razor will enable you to get a more precise trim, making it easy to judge where you should start shaving
  • You won’t experience as much skin irritation with single-blade razors

You’ll also have to consider the make of your razor. You can use the following razors for trimming your beard neckline:

Safety razors: These razors are very common, however, getting the right angle will take some time. Once you learn the technique of trimming with the safety razor, it will be a cakewalk for you. It is the best choice for you if you want an affordable option, and don’t want to spend long hours trimming.

Straight razors: These razors will get you an accurate shave as long as they are properly sharpened. The most challenging thing to consider when using these is the technique. This razor requires you to master the stropping technique if you want to maintain a sharp edge.

Shavettes: These are the combination of safety and straight razors. It looks very similar to the straight razors but it is not as sharp. Shavettes typically come with disposable blades just like a safety razor. However, unlike a safety razor, they have a sharper learning curve.

How to Trim a Beard Neckline Freehand

If you prefer to trim free-hand, the most important thing you need is patience. It is essential to keep your hand steady and be extremely confident about your strokes, especially when shaving the neckline.

Follow these steps if you wish to trim a beard neckline without a beard shaping tool:

1. Determine Your Neckline

As mentioned earlier, you can identify your neckline in two ways. Once done, draw an imaginary line to ensure that you are trimming it correctly.

2. Set Your Beard Trimmer

The level of your beard trimmer should not be longer than your beard length. Take note of that setting and keep it consistent while trimming your beard neckline.

3. Trimming

After identifying your neckline, trim everything below it. If you have long hair, you can start with a trimmer and switch to a razor if you want a tighter shave. Be extremely careful and make sure to stretch your skin with your fingers to avoid any cuts.

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Don’t Forget About Aftercare

Once you trim your beard, do some aftercare to ensure better beard health. Follow the below steps as a part of your beard’s aftercare routine:

Close Your Pores: To avoid getting ingrown hair problems, consider trimming or shaving when your pores are open i.e. right after your shower. While this can give you a smoother shave, you must also remember to close your pores once you’re done. You can do this by applying cold water or aftershave that is free from alcohol.

Use Beard-Grooming Products: Wash your beard regularly with a beard wash or a skin-friendly beard shampoo. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Keep your beard hair nourished and hydrated with the help of beard oil or beard balm.

Ready to shave?

We hope this guide has been helpful in learning how to approach shaving your neckline! By following the above guidelines and using the right trimming tools we’re confident you’ll be a neckline trimming pro in no time.

So, are you ready to give it a try? Which grooming products are you planning to use? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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