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Should I Shave My Beard? What to Do When You Are Tempted

Should I Shave My Beard

Growing a beard requires patience, diligence, and a tolerance for errors. I don’t want to be blunt, but a six-pack will often last longer than the patience of some men when it comes to their beards.

This is perhaps because of the hassle of beard maintenance – the amount of patience needed. You have probably asked yourself more than once: “should I shave my beard?”

How far along can you go in growing a beard? If you want to shave a beard off because of dryness and itchiness, stop. There are remedies for that other than the shaver.

And if you are thinking about shaving it off just because you made some mistakes when grooming it, just remember that any unplanned patch or gap will grow in for restyling in just a matter of days.

Every beard-growing problem has a solution. Sometimes the idea of shaving off our beards is tempting, but there are often ways to fix mistakes and to reduce beard discomfort.

Why Grow a Beard?

Before picking up the shaver, let’s get back to square one: why did you decide to grow a beard in the first place? Think back about why you wanted to grow it and relive that motivation. There are many reasons why men want to rock some cool facial hair.  Beards and mustaches are more than just a popular style.

Here are the reasons men grow a beard:

  • They can enhance your personality
  • Beards can enhance your best facial features and conceal the weakest ones
  • They increase masculinity and confidence and give a sense of maturity
  • They offer protection against the weather
  • A beard can boost your self-esteem

Beards can also make men appear hotter. We are not making this up. A research study conducted by Tessa R. Clarkson et al. explored womens’ perceptions of beards and found that they do tend to find bearded men more attractive.

You can go ahead and read the study to find out more. But facts and figures are boring. So, to put it simply, women find men with facial hair physically and socially dominant. They associate facial hair with formidability, sociability, and strength.

Also, in a relationship where appearance matters, bearded men earn more credit points. So, don’t throw your hands up with beard-growing yet. We will explore your problem and find some solutions.

Should I Shave My Beard

Reasons Why Men Want (Or Need) To Shave Their Beards

You were tending to your full beard for quite a time. Now you wonder if you have come to a turning point in life where you should give up. Should I shave my beard or give it a little more time? This question is every bearded man’s dilemma.

Job Interview

Beards are sometimes a contentious subject when it comes to the workplace. You may think it is taboo to show up to your job interview with fuzz. You are thinking that it may turn off a prospective employer.

Companies do have different policies when it comes to facial hair. For some, it is socially acceptable in the workplace, but other companies can be rigid. Government agencies, financial companies, or medical fields may have stricter restrictions regarding employee appearance.

Should I shave my beard before walking into a job interview?

But before shaving off your beard, do a little bit of research about the company you are applying to. Try visiting their LinkedIn page to see whether they tolerate the beard culture among their employees. From there, you can decide if it is okay to keep it or let it go.

Whether you choose to show up with a beard or clean-shaven, professionalism is a must. Present yourself with clean and neatly-pressed attire. It will make a better impression for reining in a big job along with your confidence.

Accidental Trimming Error

Everything was going well as you trimmed your beard; that is until your trimmer nicked an extra size portion and threw off your beard’s symmetry. Before pulling out the heavy-duty shaver, take some time to consider your options.

Even seasoned beard trimmers commit mistakes from time to time. That’s why we encourage you to have some patience and tolerance for error. There is no need to end your beard game just yet. You can tweak it to achieve a different look.

Should I shave my beard when I snipped a portion?

If you need to readjust the symmetry of your beard, keep in mind that there are different thin beard styles that you can try out to update your look. You can go for a simple cheekbone highlight or a faded goatee. Have fun with it, and maybe you can find an even better beard type for your face shape after all the commotion.

If you intended to grow your beard longer and accidentally snipped too much off, don’t worry. It is just hair; it will grow back after a few days.

To reduce the likelihood of a trimming accident, invest in the best beard trimmer that you can afford. The Philips Norelco MG7750, for example, is perfect even for beginners. It is a complete set for all your grooming needs. The best thing about it is its ergonomic grip and slightly heavier weight than other trimmers. It is just the right thing for beard trimming without snipping much hair if you have a little slip.

You Have a Patchy Beard

We know that not all guys can grow a full beard easily, so when it becomes patchy and thin in some areas, it can be pretty tempting to stop trying and just shave it off.

The truth is that growing your beard long can fill in the patchiness. In the long run, the beard’s length will conceal your hair problem. However, you have to go through the whole ordeal in the early stages of growth.

A patchy beard is often the result of genetics, a hormonal imbalance, or an improper diet. Sometimes stress can also cause hair loss, which is not only limited to your facial hair. but unless it’s a serious health issue, you can usually turn around a patchy beard.

Should I shave my beard when it is patchy?

A healthy diet can do so much in supporting hair growth. But if you want to speed up the process, beard supplements are the way to go.

If you are struggling with hair loss, there’s a good chance you are familiar with Minoxidil. It is an active ingredient in Rogaine for reviving hair follicles and increasing hair growth. Some natural beard oils are also beneficial in promoting hair growth and can help restore a patchy beard.

Here are some products we can recommend for promoting beard growth:

  • Kirkland’s Topical Solution. This topical solution contains Minoxidil that is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. Most men use this for treating baldness of the scalp, but this is also ideal for remedying patchy beards.
  • GROW Beard and Mustache Accelerator Serum. Natural beard oil like GROW makes an excellent hair growth formula for treating patchiness. It is scientifically proven to be 60% more effective than Minoxidil. It is a topical solution that enhances the hair follicle and accelerates the hair-growing process. GROW serum is one of the most trusted hair thickening conditioners among beardsmen.
  • Delta Genesis Beard Grow. This vegan beard growth supplement is among the premier beard supplements you can try. It contains highly selective ingredients to promote a denser and healthy-looking beard from the inside out. It is vegan and gluten-free, so if a patchy beard concerns you, give this supplement a try.

Man getting a shave

A Dry and Itchy Beard

During the first stages of beard growth, dryness and itchiness is a common problem. Often, this is due to ingrown hairs and will go away after a couple of days. You may have also noticed that the longer your beard grows, the drier it becomes. It is a normal process as your skin cannot produce enough oil to support longer facial hair.

Sometimes it is just a seasonal condition when the weather gets dry and cold. However, a dry and itchy beard does not always merit chopping it off. If you noticed the dryness, it’s time to adjust your beard care routine.

Should I shave my beard when it appears dry?

Proper hygiene, exfoliation, and using the right beard care products are excellent steps in warding off a dry beard. A healthy diet and exercise will also help improve your blood circulation. It will promote natural oil production to give your beard the vigor it needs.


Should I shave my beard when reality does not meet my expectations? Absolutely not!

If you want to achieve something bolder for your personality, a beard is always worth trying. We hope our tips will help you decide to hang on to your beard. Just be patient and make room for improvement and maybe some improvisation.

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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