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How to Trim a Goatee- with Six Famous Goatee Styles

How To Trim A Goatee

If when thinking about goatees you envision Tony Stark, then you have probably also noticed how cool Robert Downey rocked the goatee style. Let’s face it: goatees are becoming a thing these days. From the red carpet to business meetings to the sidewalks, they are becoming a popular part of men’s fashion.

And if you are thinking about growing a beard (or even shaving it off!), goatees make for a versatile intermediate stage.

But, from the various types of goatees, do you know how to trim a goatee so that it truly fits your face’s shape?

If you want to learn more about what type of goatee would work for you, then you came to the right page. In this article, we will explain how to trim a goatee. We’ll also discuss some popular goatee styles.

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What Is a Goatee?

Quite simply, a goatee is a short chin beard, that grows under the lower lip to the lower part of the chin.

There are many different styles of goatees, one for just about every face type.  Goatees can divert attention from areas of your face that you might find problematic, to give you an aura of coolness.  They work particularly well for men who have thin mouths and/or small or undershot chins, as they can give an idea of fullness to this type of face.

Trimming Your Goatee: Six Famous Goatee Designs to Consider 

Goatees are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Yet they do require regular trimming or shaving to help keep their shape. Before we go over the trimming, let’s first understand which types of goatees fit which facial structures.

For your goatee to look good, you need to find the style that matches your face.  They are pretty versatile, but the wrong goatee on the wrong face will make you look weird.

You can experiment with different styles, as you can trim your goatee at any time. Ask for feedback from your barber or from a friend as it starts to grow out. Experimenting with different styles may even help you find the best fit for you, as there are always exceptions to the general style rules.

To get started, go for a few days without shaving. Once your beard becomes visible, you will be ready to style your goatee accordingly.

As it is growing, you may want to review the styles below to see what might best fit your face.   If you’re not really sure how best to describe your face shape, then see our article How to Trim a Beard for Your Face Shape — Our Simple Guide for some tips on how to determine your face shape.

Here are six of the world’s most famous goatee designs for various face structures:

Pure Goatee

The Pure Goatee is simple and a standard goatee. It is basically just a beard growing under your lip to your chin. You don’t need a mustache or any jaw stubbles for this goatee.

The pure goatee is the best for men with a round face. It helps to accentuate your jaw and gives the illusion of narrowness to your face. It is also ideal for young boys who are just starting to grow their beards.

Full Goatee

Full or regular goatee beards are the stereotype when goatee comes to mind. The full goatee is the classic circle of mustache and beard, circling the edges of the mouth.

Full goatee beards look best on men with diamond-shaped faces and pointy chins.

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke goatee consists of an unconnected mustache, chin beard, and a soul patch. A soul patch is the facial hair underneath your lower lip. This narrow goatee style keeps the balance in your face to tone down the roundness.

Van Dyke is also one of the more versatile goatee styles and works for most face types. It is especially appropriate for an oblong face.


As the name suggests, an anchor goatee looks like an anchor. It is a connected version of the Van Dyke. It is where the mustache and chin beard grows longer and closer to the sideburns.

You should learn how to trim a goatee anchor-style if you have a round or triangular facial structure.

Pretty Boy

If you prefer a thicker goatee for your face, the Pretty Boy style is the best choice. It looks like the Pure Goatee, except, it forms a thin line of goatee and mustache surrounding the mouth.

This style is ideal for men with a sharp nose and oval or square face.

Landing Strip

The Landing Strip is a vertical strip of a beard that extends from the lower lip to the chin. Like the pure goatee, an upper-lip mustache is not necessary.

A landing strip goatee style will benefit you if you have a wider chin. Also, the landing strip may be the best style for you if you have eyes that are set wide apart, whichever face shape you have.

How to Trim a Goatee

Above are just six of the most famous goatee styles that you can try. There are many more designs that you can experiment with. But regardless of what you choose, you must know how to trim a goatee efficiently. Take note of these steps:

Trim down

The reason you started with letting your beard grow for a few days was to have a foundation for trimming.

Using a reliable beard trimmer, clip your beard down depending on the style that you choose.


For a newbie, a good eyebrow pencil or washable marker will help you trim a goatee properly. Outline the design of the goatee on your skin before you create your goatee. The outline will tell you exactly where to clip and shave. It will also help you achieve the symmetry and balance of your beard.


Attach the adjustable guard of your beard trimmer. Do not go for more than the 5mm length setting of the beard trimmer. Carefully go along the edges of your outline and snip away all the unnecessary hairs. Go over your mustache and lower lip and remove unwanted patches.

A beard trimmer is an essential tool for an even and precise cut. See our article on the best Remington beard trimmers for some beard trimmer recommendations.

For some other trimmer recommendations, check out our article Braun Beard Trimmer Guide — Which Model is Right For You.


If you are satisfied with your goatee, you can now clean up by shaving all the hair surrounding it. Use a clear shaving cream so that you can see and not mess up your outline. Razors and shavers will help you tidy your look and emphasize the goatee’s subtle edges.


Keep your goatee looking good by regularly trimming and shaving it. This will not only make your goatee look neat and tidy, but it also ensures that you keep the edges clean-cut.

Wash and shampoo your beard and goatee with a good beard shampoo.  Check out our article Best Beard Shampoo: The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Wash for Your Beard for some tips.

After washing your beard, it’s a good idea to follow up with high-quality beard oil. Check out our article called Choosing the Best Beard Oil for Growth – For All Types of Facial Hair for tips and recommendations.

And also take a look at Best Beard Care Products — How to Get the Best Beard of Your Life.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it, all the information you need to get started with growing a goatee.

After a few weeks of growing out your goatee, you may be ready to go for a long one.  If so, head on over to Want to Grow A Long Goatee? Here Is Everything You Need to Know.

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