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How to Trim a Beard Neckline: Perfect Shape in 11 Steps

Growing a beard along with a bushy neckline makes you look oddly untamed. If you are new to growing a beard, you probably haven’t given your neckline much thought. But it is something that you will have to pay attention to as your beard grows.  To trim or not to trim? The preference is yours. But if you want to rock a tailored and classic look, it helps to have a trimmed neckline.

A perfectly shaped neckline will emphasize your facial hair in a good way. If you decide to tame your beard-man look, then you will need to learn how to trim a beard neckline properly.

We show you how to trim your neckline in eleven simple steps below.

Beard Trimmer

How to Trim a Beard Neckline

Trimming your beard neckline does more to benefit your body than just refining your look. Sure, it will make you look more professional and edgy looking, but it will also make you feel more comfortable. Less body hair helps you cool down and reduces itching sweating.

Fading your beard neckline will also give you a clean-cut look without going overboard.

Trimming your beard neckline doesn’t have to be stressful.  Simply keep the following 11 points in mind:

1. Remember the Beard-Neckline Inverse Proportion

There aren’t any definite rules for trimming your beard neckline. You only need to make a judgment based on your beard length. Michael Kontos, the Artistic Director of the London School of Barbering, gives these reminders for doing your neckline:

  • Shorter beard, higher neckline
  • Longer beard, lower neckline

2. Locate Your Neckline

Where exactly should your beard neckline be? Tilt your head back a little and place your index and middle finger horizontally above your Adam’s apple. The line above your fingers makes the imaginary line of your beard neckline. Shave off everything below that imaginary line. You can taper everything above it for a subtler look.

Aside from the “two-finger method,” you can also do the “double chin method” by lowering your chin down to your neck. The fold below that double chin is the place that you need to trim.

3. Decide On the Right Cut

According to Michael Kontos, your beard neckline should match your hairstyle as well. If you have long and messy hair, you can do the fading and create an uneven lower neckline.

For a more formal and sleek appearance, a sharp and straight neckline will look best. You can also use your jawline to help create a symmetry between your neckline and your head. Look at the mirror and assess the shape of your face to balance your look.

4. Get the Right Tool

What are the tools for trimming your beard neckline? You will need a beard trimmer, a razor, and a beard shaper. Keep shears and a comb handy for lighter clippings.

Beard trimmers are the best clippers for varying beard lengths. They have different length adjustments that are useful for tapering.

On the other hand, beard shapers are like trimming templates. They will ease your burden while shaping your neckline when you are learning how to trim a beard neckline or cheek line.

5. Get Ready To Start

The best way to start is to wash and dry your beard. Don’t try to trim it while it is still wet. Water can weigh it down and make it harder to manage. Start clipping your beard from the longest part using the beard trimmer set at your preferred length setting. Cut through it until you get your desired length for the beard.

6. Shape Your Beard Neckline

The next step is to shape your beard neckline. From the imaginary beard line, start trimming down from your Adam’s apple. Work your way outward toward the jaw until you get the perfect shape. Keep your trimmer parallel to the curve of your chin. Work to create that symmetrical look on both sides of your face.

Short Boxed Beard

7. Shave

If you want a straight-line look and a crispier edge, follow your beard trimmer with the razor. When shaving, always work your razor blade with the grain. Shaving against it will result in irritation due to ingrown hairs. Shaving will help to define your beard line, but you can skip this step if you want a more tapered look.

8. Fade Your Neckline

A fading neckline creates the subtle finish of your look. When doing this, set your trimmer’s guide about two settings lower and neatly trim the hair below the neckline. Adjust the clippers again at one to two settings lower and clip the hair neckline by your Adam’s apple. Use the shorter setting to trim the bottom half of your neck to get that fading look.

9. Shave with the Beard Shaping Tool

Beard shapers help you achieve the perfect shape and balance in your cheek line. If you are happy with how your cheek line looks, you can skip this process. But if you want an edgier look, grab the beard shaper that matches the contours of your face.

10. Aftercare

Once you are satisfied with your look, don’t forget to give your beard the aftercare that it deserves. Aftercare products make your beard look fuller and healthier. Use alcohol-free aftershaves to prevent your skin from drying out.

You can also apply beard oil and balm that match your skin to keep it hydrated. These products are useful in preventing irritation and keeping your beard moisturized.

Unkempt beard hair looks messy and uncared for. Thus, for a more urban or corporate look, you need to not only learn how to trim a beard neckline to perfection you also need to take care of your beard and improve its hair.

11. Remedying Shaving Mistakes

Sometimes, a mistake happens. However, this shouldn’t freak you out. If you have made a shaving mistake, you can always try again next time. There are no other remedies for shaving mistakes than just to stop shaving. It’s just hair, it will grow back in just fine.

Besides, men’s hair grows faster than women’s. You may endure a week or two of a weird-looking beard. But then, any mistakes will hopefully guide you to be more skillful the next time around.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing how to trim a beard neckline will save you from the hassle of going to a barber every time you need a trim. So, make a skill out of it, and you will have that perfectly shaped beard and neckline in no time.

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