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How to Straighten a Beard Without Fancy Tools or Equipment

How To Straighten Your Beard

If your beard is wild and curly, then you may want to straighten it to get it more under control. You can straighten your beard using hair relaxant or special mini hair straighteners, but that isn’t necessary. Here we’ll show you how to straighten a beard without using any fancy tools or equipment.

Why Straighten Your Beard?

But first, why might you want to straighten your beard? One obvious reason is that it will make your beard look neater, but it will also make your beard longer. If you want to maximize the length of your beard, then you could try straightening it.

Another reason is that a curly beard may become more tangled because when the hairs are curly, they’ll grow into each other and tangle up. In turn, this will prevent you from being able to apply beard oil evenly.  It will also be difficult to brush or comb through the tangles, and doing so may cause damage.  Eventually, your beard will become rough and will develop split ends. So, if you want to avoid damaging your beard hair, straightening it might be a good idea.

The final reason to straighten your beard is that having a curly beard could make you more prone to having acne, blackheads, or pimples. This is because curly hair transfers more bacteria, dirt, and germs to your face as the hair keeps it closer to the facial skin.  If you’re suffering from these skin problems, then beard straightening may help to alleviate them.

Straightening Your Beard

Now that you know why you might want to try beard straightening, let’s look at how to do it without any fancy tools or equipment. This method uses regular items that you’ll be able to find in a pharmacy easily. Please note that this is a daily process, but it shouldn’t take up too much of your time (around 2-5 minutes).

What you will need

  • A shower or a sink in which to wash your beard
  • Beard cleanser
  • Beard conditioner
  • A towel
  • Beard oil or beard balm
  • Silicone cream (this is available in regular pharmacies)
  • A quality beard brush (made with boar or horsehair bristles), a beard comb, or a ¾ inch round brush
  • A hairdryer

Step 1. Wash Your Beard

The first step to straightening your beard is to wash it so that it’s damp while you’re styling it.  You can do this while in the shower, but don’t use regular shampoo or soap as this will strip the natural oils from your skin (which your beard hair needs to stay healthy.) Instead, we suggest using a mild cleanser formulated especially for beards like beard soap or beard shampoo. You can then follow that up with a specialized beard conditioner to make your beard hair more manageable and easier to style.

Step 2. Pat Your Beard Dry

After washing your beard, pat it dry with a towel. Don’t rub it as this will remove more oils from your skin than is necessary. Your beard doesn’t need to be bone dry. It should still be a little bit damp to make for easier brushing and styling.

Step 3. Apply Beard Oil or Beard Balm

While your beard is still damp, rub some beard oil or beard balm through it. Beard oil will replace the natural oils that may have been stripped away by washing. It may even stimulate beard growth by providing a healthy, moisturized skin environment for the hair to grow in. Beard balm will work similarly but will provide extra holding power to keep your beard straight all day long.

Step 4. Apply Silicone Cream

Next, gently work the silicone cream through your beard hair, starting from the roots and finishing at the ends. Don’t use too much silicone cream as this will make your beard look and feel greasy.

Step 5. Blow-Dry Your Beard

Blow-dry your beard, brushing the hair downwards at the same time. Be sure not to use the hot setting on your hairdryer – use the coolest setting that you can find (some hairdryers even have a special “cool” setting). This will help the hair to set in place. Don’t tug hard with the comb or brush.

If you’re using a comb, use the end where the teeth are wider and gently pull it through so that you can don’t create any snags or pull any hair out. If a regular beard brush or comb isn’t working to straighten your beard, then you can also try using a round brush. Get a thin round brush (¾ inch in size), and as you dry your hair, pull it down in a circular motion.

An Alternative Option: Homemade Hair Straightening Cream

If you can’t find silicone cream or want to use something with more natural ingredients, we have another option for you: making your own straightening cream. This can be done with everyday ingredients that you would find in your kitchen.

What you will need

  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch


  1. Gradually add the lemon juice to the cornstarch, mixing to make sure that there are no lumps.
  2. In a saucepan, mix the coconut milk with the olive oil and then add the cornstarch and lemon juice mixture. Heat over medium heat, constantly stirring until you have a creamy texture.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a small pot for storage.

And that’s it! To use your homemade straightening cream, apply it to your beard hair. You’ll then need to leave it for 1-2 hours to work its magic. After this time, get into the shower and rinse out the cream using shampoo or conditioner (preferably ones formulated specifically for beards).


Here we’ve shown you how to straighten a beard. As you can see, you don’t need fancy tools or equipment to achieve a straight beard. You should be able to do it using regular items that you’d find in a pharmacy or even in your kitchen!

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