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Beard Care: How to Maintain a Beard and Beard Care Tips

How To Maintain A Beard

Growing a beard doesn’t necessarily mean just growing it out and leaving it be. You will also need to learn how to maintain your beard, which requires a bit of dedication and effort.

There are two ways your beard will attract positive attention: via its unique style, and/or its full and healthy appearance. Both require a bit of effort and skill — they don’t just happen on their own.

One of the most common mistakes men make is to treat their beard with a quick wash-and-go routine. This works on occasion when you’re in a hurry.  But if you want to have that unique beard style and full, healthy appearance, be sure to check out our beard care tips below for maintaining your beard.

How to Maintain a Beard with the Ultimate Beard Care Grooming Kit

Start your regimen right by purchasing the best tools and supplies for your beard maintenance kit. Remember, it isn’t all about looks when it comes to your beard. Your beard also acts as a protective layer against the sun and harsh weather. Beards also act as a barrier or filter from tiny airborne bacteria and debris.

Before learning how to maintain a beard, here’s a list of the grooming essentials you should have in your beard care arsenal.

Beard Comb and Brush

The beard comb and beard brush are used for taming the beard. A comb is ideal for longer and bushier beards. The beard brush is mainly used for conditioning and for applying beard oil. These tools stimulate the follicles and train hairs to grow in the right direction.

Wooden beard comb and brush sets like this Smooth Viking Beard Care are very popular among users. They are economical, environment-friendly, and ergonomic. Moreover, wooden combs do not create much friction with the facial hair, which prevents your beard from getting damaged.

Oil and Balm

Moisturizing your beard is one way of bringing shine and luster into it. You need to religiously apply beard oil to prevent flaky and shaggy facial hair.

Balm or pomade are your go-to’s if you want to style your beard and mustache. These beard products are also helpful in moisturizing and conditioning. But most of all, they help your beard maintain the illusion of fullness and volume if you cannot grow dense hair.

When choosing your beard essentials, look for products with natural and organic ingredients. Don’t run the risk of irritating your face and eventually causing red and irritated patches of skin because of harmful chemicals that may be in some beard products. You can try this Unscented Beard and Balm duo for better beard health and growth.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Can you use any regular hair shampoo for your beard? Another question: would you want to use your hair shampoo on your face?

Scalp shampoos are great for stripping away grease and dirt from the scalp, but they are not ideal for facial hair.

Beard shampoo, also called beard wash, is specifically designed to keep your facial skin from drying out, and it protects your beard from hair breakage. A good beard wash also contains natural oils that moisten your skin and help to make your beard more manageable. Some beard washes are also formulated to ward off acne and other skin outbreaks for healthier beard growth and healthier skin.

Beard conditioner is an after-treatment that you can use after shampooing. It effectively locks in moisture, keeping your beard smooth and tangle-free throughout the day. If you don’t want the hassle of using different products, a good beard wash and conditioner combo will do the job.

Scissors, Trimmer, and Shaver

The scissors, trimmer, and shaver are important grooming tools for learning how to maintain a beard.

  • Scissors are used for clipping unwanted and stray hairs.
  • Beard trimmers usually come with guard adjustments for trimming the beard to a more uniform length.
  • A shaver is necessary for cleaning, shaping, and edging.

There are a lot of trimmers and shavers available for you to choose from. If you want to invest in a good one, check out our guide on the best beard trimmer.

PRO TIP: If you want to save some money, you can benefit from purchasing a complete grooming set like the Gold World Beard Kit. Grooming kits have everything you need all in one pack, and are a better deal than buying each item individually.

Beard Care: How to Maintain a Beard

Complete beard care requires some time and effort. Now that you know the essential grooming tools that you will need, next is to learn how to nurture your beard. Your main responsibility will be to keep it neat and clean. It’s a science-backed theory that a man’s beard makes him look more attractive while boosting sex appeal. So, why not take advantage?

Here are our beard care tips.

1. Match Your Beard Style to Your Face Shape

Your beard style should define your strongest facial features and take the attention away from the weakest features. After growing your beard to a considerable length, you may wish to style it like those guys you see in the movies. However, men have different facial structures. So, what you think may look good on others may not look the same on you. Check out the appropriate beard style for your face shape before picking up the trimmer.

2. Wash and Condition Your Beard

When science relates beard and sex appeal, they certainly don’t mean the scraggly and dirty hair around your mouth. Keep your beard healthy through washing and conditioning. This does not only remove dust and debris but also keeps your facial hair shiny and looking full-bodied and healthy. Even if you are sporting a short goatee or stubble, regular washing helps alleviate the itchiness that may come after shaving.

3. Trim Your Beard

Don’t ever leave your beard unattended for too long. Even if you want to grow it out, you will still need to keep it well-kempt. Stray hair, split-ends, and flaky strands can make your beard appear unsightly. So, make an effort to trim when you deem it necessary. We recommend trimming your facial hair every 10 to 20 days so that you keep the edges looking crisp.

If you are new to beard trimming, a professional may do it for you for the first few times. From there, you can set your pattern so you can try it out yourself the next time. All you need is a little determination and the best beard trimmer to work it out.

4. Choose Your Beard Care Products Wisely

We have to be honest; not all beard care products are created equal. Depending on your skin type, even the best product may not work for you. There might be some that can dry out your beard or make it less manageable. Try using different beard oils, balms, washes, and conditioners until you find the most suitable one for your skin and hair type. Also, remember that you are using these products near your mouth. So, make sure that you are using only an all-organic and chemical-free beard product.

5. Keep Yourself Healthy

A healthy body shows in the face and hair. If you want to keep your beard healthy starting at the roots, you need to start with a proper diet. Load up on foods rich in A, C, D, E, and B vitamins. These will help to promote healthy hair and stimulate growth.

However, we would also like to remind you that genetics still matter when it comes to growing your hair.

If you are ready for a more serious commitment to your beard care and health, you can also use supplements to augment your diet. There are food supplements like Prime Beard that can help you achieve thicker and longer facial hair.

For more information on products that you can use to help maintain your beard, please see our article How to Use Beard Care Products Properly: A Guide for Men.

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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