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How to Grow and Trim a Pencil Mustache for Your Face Shape

How To Grow And Trim Pencil Mustache For Your Face Shape

The pandemic has left most men embracing a scruffy look at home. Beards and mustaches are making a popular comeback among men. I have seen some teens even trying hard to wear a scruff and patchy stache. It is safe to say that the clean-shaven look is out for a while now.

So, you want to grow a mustache but you don’t want a bushy one? Then start your journey with a thin line like the pencil mustache. This particular style statement is simple, but it can also give a sophisticated appeal to the wearer. Contrary to what some people might think about beards and mustaches, it definitely does not diminish any professional appeal.

The pencil mustache is safe to pair with your necktie and dress shirt for a more professional look. After all, it is not the facial hair but your confidence while wearing it that matters. Here is how to rock a mustache that looks camera-ready for the coming holidays.

What Is a Pencil Mustache?

A pencil-drawn strip of hair above the upper lip, the pencil mustache is plain and simple. It is right up there on the list among the top and most famous mustaches. Most men can pull this look off without trouble. However, since you need to keep a precise line, it can be tricky to style. But there’s no need to worry about styling. We will show you how to master the art of creating a pencil mustache.

There are different ways to sport this style. You may choose to have just a thin line or a thicker one. Some people also divide their mustache by the philtrum (the ridge above the upper lip) to make a double pencil mustache.

The key to this style is keeping an even line. To achieve this, you will need a trimmer with an ergonomic design and good balance. I would personally advise picking from the Philips Norelco selection because of their intuitive features and high quality. You will also need good dexterity to pull off that straight strip of facial hair.

The Best Face Shapes for a Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache is best for gents with round, oval, or heart face profiles. You will need to keep the size modest – neither too thin nor too thick to emphasize your features. The diamond and heart shapes are also ideal matches.

If you have an oblong, square, or triangle face, you need to trim your pencil mustache carefully. If you must, keep it voluminous. A thin pencil mustache will only risk widening your face.

If you are unsure about your facial shape, read our simple guide here.

How a Pencil Mustache Defines Your Appeal

This vintage natural mustache style will not fail to bring on some classy appeal. Sophistication and cleanliness are elements that make this style worth trying. You can still exude your professional persona while asserting your masculinity. Even if you show up for that job interview, the pencil mustache will not hinder your otherwise professional look.

Clark Gable and Errol Flynn are iconic celebrities who sported pencil mustaches. Nowadays, I have seen Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and even Brad Pitt rocking this style every now and again. The pencil Stache may be a classic, but it still resurfaces among hipsters once in a while.

Growing a Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache needs about two weeks’ worth of facial hair growth. Hair growth is widely based on genetics, so we can’t really say how long is too long. If you have patchy hair, you may want to wait for about a month before styling it. But the main thing is, you need to grow it thick but short to get started.

Letting your mustache grow longer before styling whatever mustache style you have in mind is ideal. It will make denser and fuller hair than if you would settle on younger facial hair.

Pencil mustaches often look better on darker haired men. If you are fair-haired, you may need to grow a thicker one to achieve a result that looks good. Some men may even choose to dye their mustache hair so as not to overthrow the purpose of a pencil mustache.

Trimming and Shaving a Pencil Mustache

To some people, the pencil mustache may seem tedious to maintain. You will need a regular touch up to keep it neat and free of stray hairs. Once it begins to get bushy, it defeats the purpose of having a pencil stache. But tedious as it may seem, once you get the hang of the routine, it will be easier for you to maintain.

To get that thin line of facial hair, you will need your razor more than your beard clipper. Good lighting and some good hand dexterity are also essential. You would want to avoid getting a crooked cut, which can look weird and funny.

Here’s how to trim and shave a stunning pencil mustache:

  1. Wash and condition your mustache using your trusted beard shampoo and conditioner to soften it
  2. Dry your Stache thoroughly using a towel. Like your beard, you should not style a wet mustache, or you may not be able to achieve the look you are going for
  3. Using the trimmer with a guard, clip it down evenly to your desired length. If you have fairer skin, you need to keep it a bit thicker to emphasize it more
  4. Remove the comb attachment and define the edges of your mustache. It will give you a better guide for shaving
  5. With the razor, shave the contours from under your nose’s base to make a straight line. Bite your top lip as you do this. Shaving in increments on both sides will also help you control the amount of hair to keep it symmetrical.
Man with Pencil Mustache
Image Source: Unsplash [Created by Zahir Namane]

Helpful Tips for Trimming and Shaving a Mustache

Whatever the beard or mustache style, you should always impose a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes. So, here are our general tips for rocking any mustache style without regrets. These tips will not only help you achieve your ideal style with a balanced look but will also prevent you from getting nicks and cuts as you deal with your razor.

Prep Your Face

Washing your facial hair before trimming is ideal. Your aim should be to clean and hydrate your skin and hair. It will make it easier for the blade to slide and create an even cut. Warm water rinses before shaving are also beneficial. It will open up the pores to prevent the possibility of ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. Warm water will also cause the hair to stand on its end for easy shaving.

Shave In Gentle Strokes

Take your time and gently shave in mild strokes to prevent cuts. Achieving the perfect symmetry happens if you shave both sides of your mustache in increments. Apply very little pressure when you first start for a more controlled stroke.

The more you press the blade deeper onto your skin, the higher the likelihood of nicking yourself. As you work further, you can gradually increase the pressure to clean out edges. A trusty razor will also do you more good when shaving.

Outline the Mustache

Stretching your skin will help you sculpt the pencil mustache better during shaving. You can either bite your top lip or use your free hand to stretch your skin. For beginners who are shaving at home, we have found that a Barber Pencil is excellent for outlining and creating a precise mustache. It is a tracing tool that you can wash away when you are done shaving.

Shave with the Grain

People debate whether you should shave with or against the grain. We at Modern Beards believe resolutely you should shave with the grain. Sure, going against it will create a crispier and smoother edge, but it will only risk ingrown hair trouble, which is the last thing you want with your mustache or beard. Avoid this problem because it is avoidable.

Wash with Cold Water

Once you get the pencil mustache style that you want, rinse your face with cold water. This will close your pores and further prevent irritation. It will also relax your skin and close the minor cuts you may accidentally incur. Then you can go on ahead and apply beard balm to moisturize your mustache. With these techniques in mind, we hope that you can rock that vintage yet cool look every day without trouble.

A pencil mustache is something that you need to try. It adds a dash of professionalism to your style and serves as the perfect look for get-togethers, especially during this holiday season.

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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