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How to Grow a Mustache (Without Looking Like a Creep)

So, you want to learn how to grow a mustache. Great! The only downside is that growing a mustache can leave you looking like a creep if you’re not careful. How do you grow a mustache without looking like a creep? Keep reading to find out!

Getting Started

One of the best things that you can do to get started with growing a mustache is to start growing a beard. Since the mustache will initially start out a bit thin, growing out a beard will help cancel out any in-between creepiness that might occur. When doing this, make sure that you’re taking proper care of your beard, for example, using beard wash.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Wash

  Professor Buzzy's Beard Wash

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Wash is packed with a ton of natural ingredients, such as leatherwood beeswax, olive oil, soy wax, coconut oil, and castor oil – all of which make this wash feel like a dream when it’s applied to your beard.

This comes as a bar, rather than a liquid, so it is a good option if you travel a lot.  Not only will it help condition your beard, but it will also keep it soft and clean.


  • Made with quality, natural ingredients
  • Will leave your beard feeling and looking great


  • None

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Invest in a Great Trimmer

Having a great trimmer is crucial when it comes to sculpting your mustache. You should consider investing in an electric trimmer instead of a regular razor because trimmers tend to work better than razors do. Most trimmers aren’t badly priced and will last you for years to come. They also come in all shapes and sizes so you can create the exact look that you want.

Remington MB6850 Trimmer — Trimming your mustache and beard can be a messy job because the clipped hair tumbles onto the floor, the counter, and the sink. The ability to gain control over the mess is one of the reasons that this trimmer is one of the best.

Remington Trimmer

It features a vacuum system that works as you trim and style your beard to suction out trimmed hair into its collection chamber. The vacuum will collect up to 95 percent of the mess, leaving you with minimal cleanup.

This trimmer also comes with self-sharpening steel blades that you can easily wash with water and also has an adjustable comb and 11 length settings.


  • Mess-free trimming experience
  • Several lengths to choose from
  • You can use it on your mustache


  • Works best for longer, not shorter, beards

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Shave Only What You’re Not Keeping

The next step that you’re going to want to take is to shave off the parts of your beard that you don’t want to keep. If you shave off too much, it’ll make you look creepy when you’re trying to grow it back in.

You should shave off your beard in stages to make sure that you’re happy with the end result. If you go straight in and cut everything off, you won’t be left with much to fix if you aren’t happy.

Let Your Beard Grow Out

You might be tempted to sculpt your beard into a mustache after only a week of growing it out. But you want to allow your beard to go so you can avoid having a thin mustache that will make you look like a creep.

Let your beard grow out for at least a month before you trim it and sculpt it into a mustache.

Find the Best Look for You

There are so many different styles of mustaches, so you want to do your research to find the best one for you. Keep in mind the shape of your face and how much maintenance you’re willing to do because some mustaches require more care than others.

Maintain Your ‘Stache

Once you have achieved the mustachioed look that you’re aiming for, it’s time for you to take care of it. Trim as needed to keep your look and comb and condition it often.

Trimming Tools

Depending on the style of mustache you’ve gone with, you’ll need to invest in a great beard trimmer, some facial hair scissors, or both. You’ll want to trim your mustache every three to four days to ensure that all stray hairs are taken care of. Make sure to always do this when your mustache is dry because your facial hair will expand and relax when it’s wet and contract back to its original length after it’s dry.

Beardoholic Beard Scissors — You’ll never have to worry about your facial hair scissors pulling or tugging on your hairs because these high quality scissors are surgically sharp to provide you with a smooth, clean, precise cut every time. You’ll even find that after years of using these facial hair scissors that they won’t become dull or rusty.

Trimming Scissors

Tension adjustment is very important for facial hair scissors, so these have an adjustable screw that allows you to change the tightness according to your needs. The screw also allows for effortless blade opening and quiet cutting.

The finger holes are large enough for any man’s hand and are covered in rubber to provide a better fit and to make sure that the metal isn’t going to hurt your fingers.


  • Sharp blades
  • Made from stainless steel that won’t rust or dull
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Comfortable grip


  • These aren’t designed for left-handed people

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Combing your mustache might not seem necessary, but it is helpful – especially when you’re trimming. A comb also comes into play when you’re styling your mustache to evenly distribute any mustache wax that you’ve applied.

Kent 81T Comb

Kent 81T Comb — This comb will keep your mustache looking groomed and can be used on your beard as well. It’s designed with perfectly cut and sturdy teeth with a slight combing-edge bevel. The teeth aren’t sharp and feel great on the skin under your mustache, and it’s small enough to take with you!

Beard Comb


  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t scratch your skin


  • Easy to lose

Click here for prices

So you’ve learned how to grow a mustache, and about some products that will make the process easier.  We have many other how-to’s related to beards and mustaches here at Take a look at our guide on how to grow a goatee to complement your mustache.

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