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How to Grow a Full Beard Fast: The Only Guide You’ll Need

How To Grow A Full Beard

If you’re reading this, you’ve asked the question, “how to grow a full beard?” Growing a beard can already be a hassle for some men, so when they have a beard, they want it to be full and healthy.

Growing a full beard fast can be done if you have the patience to give it a shot. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best things that you can do for your beard to achieve a fuller look faster.

How to Grow a Full Beard

A common question that gets asked when it comes to beards is, “How to grow a full beard?” Answers are usually based on your genetics as they relate to your beard, and how you can compensate for them. One way is by boosting your natural testosterone – meaning that you eat right, exercise and lift weights, take supplements like fish oil or biotin, lower your stress, and cutting back on other bad habits.

If you have tried all of these things to maximize your bread growing potential, then it might be time to look into other options to help you grow a fuller beard.

Artificial Options


When you use minoxidil, there are claims that any hair that you grow will fall out after you stop taking it. However, there hasn’t been any scientific research yet to prove this claim.  And many people report that any hairs gained from minoxidil stay in their beards after using it.

Note that some users have reported side effects from minoxidil.

Beard Hair Transplants

If you decide to go with beard hair transplants, you’ll find that you’ll be facing anywhere from $5K to $20K to have the treatment done. There is also a lot of pain associated with this surgery, and there are no guarantees.

Natural Options

Therefore, our best suggestion is to embrace yourself and the genetics that you have, and accept that your beard is unique to you and makes you who you are.

As we’ve mentioned before, exercising and eating right are the best ways to grow a fuller beard, but there are a couple of tools that you can use to support the growth of a fuller beard. Do you have a boar’s hair beard brush? Or a beard comb?

If you find yourself answering no to both of these questions, it’s highly suggested that you change that soon.

Besides the fact that your facial hair grows at different lengths from your jawline, chin, and cheeks, it also grows in different directions, leaving your beard looking unkempt. Using a comb or brush to distribute your facial hair evenly can actually make your beard look fuller.

It will feel strange at first, but after a while, you’ll find that you’re combing and brushing your hair as if it were second nature to you, and your beard will look better than ever.

How to Grow a Full Beard Faster

Let’s be real: we’ve all checked the clock, watches, and the calendar days that have gone by while growing a beard. Shaving your facial hair will NEVER make it grow back fuller or faster – this is an urban legend.

This being said, there are several things that you can do to help grow a fuller beard faster. The great thing about these tips is that you don’t have to consume any potions or do any sacrificial rituals. Instead, these steps will assist you in grooming a healthier, fuller beard and making you more confident.

Stop Checking the Mirror

The more you stare at your beard, the more flaws come to your attention, and the more you judge your lack of beard growing perfection. In truth, this is out of your control. By judging your beard, you’re bringing yourself down, and with you being your harshest critic, this can take a much larger toll on you than you might want to admit.

Overgrown Beard

Try to remember that no one else who sees your beard is going to be picking it apart like you are. The less that you look at your beard, the less critical you’ll be, and the more progress you’ll be able to see when you do look at it.

Don’t Pick at It

Other than taking care of it in the morning and the occasional look at it, you should keep your hands away from your beard. Yes, it may be fun to play with your beard; however, the more time that you spend playing with it, the more destruction that occurs.

Picking at acne or skin and plucking the occasional hair all leads to your skin and beard being less healthy and does nothing to help your natural beard patchiness. It might seem impossible to stop touching your beard all the time, but if you can at least reduce the amount of time you play with it for a month, you’ll see significant results.

Clean It

To achieve a fuller beard, you need to clean it. Just like the hair on your head, when you keep it clean, the fuller it looks. If you really want to step up your game to have the fullest beard possible, look into getting some beard wash and conditioner to help prevent your beard from drying out.

Figuring out the best grooming routine is important when it comes to getting a fuller beard. If you can start up a consistent routine for a month, you’ll begin to notice the results quickly.


Much like keeping your beard clean, making sure that your skin and facial hair are well moisturized and lubricated will help you maintain a fuller beard. By using a beard oil and beard softener as part of your grooming routine, your facial hair and skill won’t be irritated or dry.

Aesthetically, using beard softener and beard oil can make your beard appear fuller because of their abilities to distribute evenly throughout the denser parts of your beard.


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