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How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer: Our Ultimate Guide

Are you still deciding between picking up or putting down the shaver for that stubble? Clean is in, but a beard makes more of a man. It’s becoming a trend, so why not count yourself in? It’s cool, and it is in. That’s why more men are sporting it nowadays.

Growing a healthy and premium full-bodied beard requires proper upkeep. Same goes if you want that nicely polished beard to go with the latest men’s fashion. One necessity you need to get your hands on is a beard trimmer. But how do you choose the best one? Learn all about it here in our ultimate bearded guide for the best beard trimmer.

Hang on, if you’re one of those confused people who use a trimmer and shaver interchangeably, you need to read this part. Both cut hair, right, so what’s the difference?

A shaver, as the name implies, shaves. So, if you want that neat and clean polished look, pick up a shaver. On the other hand, a beard trimmer does something niftier. It can trim and sculpt facial hair or shave the hair down to the desired length. Multi-purpose trimmers can even snip away denser hairs like the hair on your head.

Today, we will help you select the best beard trimmer so you can rock that GQ-worthy look. And we will be dropping names of some of the biggest beard trimmer players in the industry. No beard is ever tough to handle if you have the perfect tool!

Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer

Good grooming reflects your effort and your tools. Unwanted stubble tends to pop up anywhere. To maintain your beard goals, you need to have the best grooming tool.

Beard trimmers help tame facial hair for an edgy look that every gentleman wants. So, if you need to maintain scruff, get a hold of that heavy stubble, or maintain a full beard, you need a versatile trimmer.

How do you choose the best beard trimmer? Here are the things you need to consider:

The Blade

Whatever the look you want to sport, only a sharp blade can take you there. But not all beard trimmer blades are similar. There are three types of trimmer blades that you need to know when looking for the best beard trimmer.

Stamped Stainless 

These blades are formed by stamping some teeth over soft steel. These are the cheapest type, but also the easiest to dull. Stamped-blades last only for one-time use.

Dull blades can nick the skin and cause skin irritation. We wouldn’t recommend you getting this kind of blade, even if you are on a tight budget. Besides, a one-time expensive purchase is worth more than cheap buys.

Ground Stainless 

These types of blades are slightly better than the stamped blades since these are made from harder steel. Ground stainless is common among most professional trimmers. They have smaller teeth that are formed through grinding and not stamping. Thus, they are more precise, and they can maintain their sharpness for longer.

This Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3100  has trimmer blades made from finely ground chromium steel. These self-sharpening blades have skin-friendly rounded tips and combs. This design helps ward off skin irritation. It also has ten built-in length settings that will allow you to customize your trim.

Titanium Blades 

Putting the highest standard on beard trimmers are the titanium blades. They are more durable, and they tend to stay sharper longer than any blades. They also resist corrosion, and they function with lower friction. They have slightly larger teeth and are best for use with denser beards.

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer is the best beard trimmer with titanium blades. The self-sharpening titanium-coated steel blade makes this beard trimmer more durable and sharp. It has nine length settings giving it more versatility for use among any hair types.

Length Setting and Guard Sizes

All beard trimmers have a built-in length adjustment setting. You shouldn’t let this confuse you as the number is universal. It only means one thing: the inch-length of hair it leaves on your face. So, for a 2.0mm, you’ll have a 2mm worth of fuzz.


In choosing the best beard trimmer, get the one with the greatest number of settings. It provides a more versatile cut so that you can style your beard however you want. This Panasonic Multi-groom Beard Trimmer Kit has 39 quick-adjustable settings that are handy enough for all your beard and hairstyling needs. It also has a 45-degree blade sharpness angle for a more efficient cut. To add to its versatility, you can use this multigroom trimmer either corded or cordless, your choice.


For a zero-gapped and close-to-the-skin trim, a T-blade works best. A beard trimmer with T-blades provides better access to the curved areas of your face. They have curved edges for smooth handling and navigation. Thus, they work more smoothly and precisely in areas where any regular square blade could not reach. These are the best beard trimmer blades for detailing and styling.

Andis’ line of products specializes in T-blade trimmers like this Andis 23475 PivotPro. It has smaller teeth than other blades for close trimming around the curved edges of your face. Its powerful motor is ideal not just for light-clippings, but for more professional ones as well.

Guard Sizes

What about the numbers you would find in trimmers? What do they stand for? The clipper comb attachments that come along with your trimmer are guides to help you achieve an even cut. They give clearance between your skin and the blade to prevent you from shaving it all down.

They are useful for fading or blending too. While length setting is universal, the guard sizes vary among different trimmer brands. What’s #1 in another is not the same #1 in another. Just cut to the chase and refer to the exact millimeter stated on the side of your guard. You will never go wrong with it.

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 has a 14 trimming guide in its set for your multiple length needs. It gives you more choices for blending and styling your stubbles. But remember that if you are buying a replacement trimming guide, buy only your trimmer’s brand for compatibility.


There are cordless trimmers, and there are corded trimmers. Some need a rechargeable battery, and some operate on replaceable ones. Does it matter?


Corded or electric beard trimmers are the best kind when it comes to performance. You can use them for quite a long period if you feel the need to do more sculpting or detailing. All you need to have is a power outlet, and you’re good to go. In short, corded trimmers give more power. The downside, of course, is the absence of a power source.

Additionally, the cord can get in the way that can be a bit obstructing at times. But when it comes to reliability, electric trimmers are the most trustworthy.

The Wahl T-Styler 9686-300 brings that powerful beard power performance with this corded trimmer. Specially designed for edging, they have 12 cutting lengths starting from 0.2mm. Its zero overlap blades will bring you that crisp and cleaner cut for high-quality clipping.


Cordless beard trimmers are the battery-operated ones. They are either replaceable or rechargeable. Replaceable trimmers are inexpensive, but they won’t last you any longer than a season. If you are thinking economically, you’d agree on picking up the rechargeable one.

These trimmers have Lithium-ion labels. If you want a more powerful performance out of your beard trimmer, choose batteries with a higher mAH label. For instance, pick up anything with no less than an 1100 mAH Lithium-ion battery. These types of cordless trimmers can hold more power for an extended charged life. Cordless are more portable and best for travelers.

The Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Lithium Ion T-blade Trimmer has a powerful motor with Lithium-ion battery. It gives the trimmer more speed, life, and efficiency. And, for just a 15-minute charge time, you’ll be able to make use of its two-hour run-time. It is good enough for one trimming session even though you are in a hurry.

If you are looking for a quick fix, there are fast charging beard trimmers that can have you ready to go in less than a minute. However, they will last only for one use before draining out their batteries again.

The Remington PG6170 Crafter trim & Detail Kit has 180 run times for high-performance trimming. But if you’re running late, just a quick 5-minute charge will deliver you one full shave power! What’s best is it has copper titanium-coated blades for a precise cut and 3x blade durability. It also has a nine length setting and a waterproof feature for an added strength.

Wet or Dry Feature

Take note: never trim a beard while it is still dripping wet. Water weighs it down so you can’t see its full volume. Thus, trimming may fail, and you will get a weird looking finish instead. However, if you have noticed, there are beard trimmers with a wet and dry feature. These do not necessarily mean that it is something you want to run through your wet beard and stubble. These are waterproof trimmers that allow for smooth actions with shaving cream if you decide to take it all off. Waterproof trimmers are relatively easy to clean. However, they also have shorter battery life when compared to other non-water resistant models.

The Panasonic Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Beard and Hair Trimmer is a 100% washable beard trimmer that you can run under warm water for no-fuss cleaning. It also provides an optimum and precise cut with its ultra-sharp blades. Panasonic’s wet and dry has 19 trim settings for a versatile and even cut. It comes with an AC charging dock or storage stand to be always ready whenever you are.

Safety Design

An ergonomic design provides an effortless trimming experience. It helps prevent cuts and nicks when the trimmer slips. It also prevents any chances of accidental cuts and surprising length changes while styling your beard. An ergonomic beard clipper has a wide grip area for different clutching positions.

The Braun Beard Trimmer for Men BT5240 has a German design that provides an ergonomic grip for effortless trimming. It is best for clipping, styling, and contouring for all sorts of beards. It also has a Gillette Fusion razor with Flexball Technology for smooth shaving. Braun’s AutoSensing Technology is an innovative addition. It reads your beard and adjusts its motor to its thickness for more effortless and precise trimming.

How to Care for Your Beard Trimmer

Preventive maintenance of your trimmer gives it a longer lifespan. It also prevents bacteria from breeding. While a simple washing under the tap can help, proper care will help you enjoy its service to the fullest. Here are a few things that you should remember:

Rinse and Brush It

Check and make sure your device has waterproof capabilities before doing this. You can check its manual for the proper cleaning method to use. But whether it has a wet feature or not, DO NOT ever try to rinse anything that is plugged in. Depending on its capability, the best thing to do is rinse the trimmer in hot water after every use. Clean all your combs and attachments as well.

Dry and Brush

Some brands come with a tiny brush you can use to sweep away stragglers between your blades. Air-dry your trimmer to prevent rust buildup and clear away all the clippings. Then you can store your beard trimmer in a dry place away from dust and moisture.

Lubricate the Teeth Once in a While

Specks of dust and moisture can cause corrosion of your blades. It can also cause eventual dullness and damage. Lubricating the blades helps ward these annoyances away. Make sure to oil the blades only when it is dry. The oil usually comes along with your beard trimmer set. But if it does not have oil included, you can use regular baby oil instead.

Coat every surface of the blade and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. You can then stow the trimmer away in a clean and dry place. This way, you will enjoy the full benefits and convenience of your beard trimmer for a long

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