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Braun Beard Trimmer Guide – Which Model is Right For You

A beard trimmer is an essential tool for every man’s grooming kit. Some say that beards maketh the man, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. Some men like having beards, and they are comfortable with the way their beards feel, while some prefer a clean-shaven face.

Regardless of your personal choice, having a beard trimmer is crucial to keeping your facial hair under control. One of the better companies specializing in beard trimmers is the German company, Braun. Having a Braun beard trimmer is a great convenience.

Braun has a large line of trimmers and shavers, with many different styles and functionalities.  While they all have the most important features, each model still provides specifications that are exclusively their own – and these are what you need to know about in order to choose which model is right for your beard trimming needs.

Advantages of Braun Beard Trimmers

Getting a Braun beard trimmer for your effortless and precise trimming experience is a great investment. Why? All of Braun’s beard trimmer models are equipped with the following advantages:

Precision Dial

Braun provides a precision dial on most – if not all – of their beard trimmers. This precision dial will help you control the length you want to cut. It gives 39 selections for length settings.

AutoSensing Technology

Braun’s AutoSensing Technology allows a simple and easy trim regardless of your hair type. The AutoSensing can tell the texture of your hair and automatically adjust its system to smooth and cut it evenly. It also adapts to the thickness of your hair, which ensures precision and accuracy when trimming.

Braun Beard Trimmer Specifically for Your Needs

Braun carries different models for their beard trimmers. If you are not sure which among their many models suits your needs, Below, we will help you to determine which model is the right one for you.


Braun is a German company, and its products are known for being well-engineered and carefully manufactured.  This means that they can be more expensive than other brands.

For Braun beard trimmers that are friendly to the pocket yet will provide the trim you’ve always wanted, we recommend the models BT3240 and BT5240.  The one feature you give up with these trimmers is precision shaving and trimming, but aside from that they still have the quality and great design that you would expect from a Braun trimmer.

To achieve those well-trimmed facial hairs without breaking your bank, we recommend that you choose one of these two models. Both models have 39 length settings, and precision dials for that accurate beard trimming. They both come with 1-10 mm and 10-20 mm beard trimmer combs.

They are also fully washable, which makes them a good choice for an affordable and maintainable Braun beard trimmer.

braun beard trimmerBraun BT3240.  This is the most economical option we recommend for a Braun beard trimmer.  Economic doesn’t mean you give up functionality or quality though.  This trimmer has 39 size settings,  life-time blades, an ergonomic handle, and lasts for 80 minutes between charges.  You can use it to trim your beard hair and the hair on your head.

Note that it takes about 8 hours to get a full charge with this trimmer.

braun beard trimmerBraun BT5240.  This trimmer is a few dollars more than the BT3240 above.  It has all of the features of the BT3240,  The main difference between the two models is that BT5240 has a better battery.  The BT5240 battery lasts for 100 minutes between charges, and takes only 1 hour to recharge fully.

Precision Trimming                                                                    

Precision trimming is a feature that allows accuracy in trimming. This makes use of an extra small head which defines shapes and sharp lines. If you need precision trimming, we recommend the  BT5260 and the BT7240.

A precision trimming feature also lets you trim difficult areas such as the nose or chin. With this feature, you will be assured that no facial hair will be cut haphazardly. The trimmer will precisely cut the exact lengths of your beard for that clean and fresh look.

BT5260Braun BT5260.  In addition to the features of the BT3240 and the BT5240 mentioned in the previous section, The BT5260 comes with extra attachments that give you the ability to carry out precision trimming, making your neckline and other lines exactly as you wish them to be.


BT7240Braun BT7240.  The improvement of the BT7240 over the BT5260 is that the BT7240 has an extra attachment which gives you the ability to do precision shaving.  This is the most full-featured trimmer of the various Braun trimmers that we write about in this article.  It also has a mini foil shaver that provides protection between the skin and the blade. The foil collects the trimmed hair as the trimmer goes back and forth on the skin.

Precision Shaving

Two of Braun Beard Trimmers specialize in precision shaving and trimming, and these are the BT7240 and BT5265 models. Precise shaving is important to achieve that perfect hair-free face, that clean look.  Since most standard trimmers only trim, these two models from Braun provide a precise shaving feature.

Also, sometimes trimming your beard isn’t enough. When you’re at the point where you’d rather shave than trim, having these Braun beard trimmers will save you a lot since you can use them instead of purchasing an electric razor.

Suitable for All Beard Types

Regardless of which type of beard you have or how thick it is, you won’t go wrong with any of the Braun beard trimmers we have listed above. The AutoSensing Motor on all of these trimmers will work with any beard type.

Sharp Blades for a Lifetime

All recent products from Braun have sharp blades that’ll last for a lifetime, which guarantees never-ending high-quality performance for your trimming needs.

Long Battery Span

Most of Braun’s beard trimmers run for a good 100 minutes of trimming and take only 1 hour to charge fully. If you forgot to charge your trimmer the night before and you’re running late for work already, do not worry! Braun allows quick charging of 5 minutes, which you can use for one trim for those days that you’re in a hurry.

The only trimmer on our recommendation list above that takes a long time to recharge is the budget-friendly BT3240. It runs only for 80 minutes and has an 8-hour recharging period.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining beard trimmers can be tricky. However, Braun makes most of its models 100% waterproof. This feature allows you to wash and clean your beard trimmer efficiently without any problems.

Braun Beard Trimmers: In a Flash

Final Words

Braun brings quality and functionality to the market.  Whichever you pick from these models, it’ll surely be an excellent investment that will last you for many years.

We have many articles about beards and beard care here at  Would you like to learn more about maintaining your beard?  Take a look at our guide, How to Maintain a Beard and Beard Care Tips.

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