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7 Best Beard Wash Options for a Clean, Fresh & Healthy Beard

Best Beard Wash Options

A man’s appearance is an important factor when it comes to many things. From dating to closing a business deal, a man should always look neat and clean. No one wants to keep in close contact with someone who looks unkempt and neglected.

If you have a beard, you can be sure that people look at it. Your beard needs to be tidy and well-groomed. Rough and unkempt beards are will push dates and potential clients away. That is why you need to have the best beard wash.

But how do you know which is the best beard wash for you? One of our key recommendations is to look at the ingredients. The more natural the product is, the better it is. Why? That’s because synthetic chemicals can harm your facial hair and skin, rather than making it smooth and soft. So look for products containing few to no chemicals so that your beard will grow better and healthier.

What Are the 7 Best Beard Wash Options for Clean, Fresh & Healthy Beard?

We have tested many beard washes over the past few months.  And our top picks for the best beard wash for your beard are the following:

1. The Gentlemen’s Beard Wash with Argan Oil

Your beard requires some tender loving care, and you can get this kind of TLC in a bottle of The Gentlemen’s Beard beard wash. This beard wash contains argan oil to soften your beard har. It has no harsh chemicals that would damage your skin and beard. It is one of the best beard wash options, and we strongly recommend it for enhancing and maintain a healthy beard.

Argan oil has anti-sebum effects and can regulate the amount of sebum that is on the skin. This helps promote a clear and smooth complexion. Argan oil is also full of fatty acids that help combat irritation. The Vitamin E in argan oil for beards also helps prevent razor burn.

This beard wash has a fresh and manly scent, which is an added bonus to its other amazing characteristics. This beard wash is great for various hair types, including normal, oily, combination, and dry hair, as well as for those with beard dandruff.

Why we love it:

    • Makes dull and dry beard look silky and shiny
    • Great for beard dandruff
    • Soothes irritation and beard itch
    • Gets rid of flaking
    • Made from natural ingredients
    • Fresh and manly scent

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2. Viking Revolution Argan Beard Wash

To help maintain clean and healthy facial hair, a natural and plant-based wash offers great benefits. This product from Viking Revolution is one of our top choices, as it keeps your skin both cleansed and moisturized.

This softening and strengthening beard wash is made from argan oil, which helps hair to grow healthily and stops facial skin from flaking.

It also includes jojoba oil, which helps to promote hair and beard growth. Jojoba oil moisturizes the beard, reduces breakage, and helps you achieve a much longer and fuller beard. It can also help reduce the build-up of sebum. Sebum can sometimes make it difficult to grow healthy beard hair.

Why we love it:

  • No itching or redness
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Argan and jojoba oils are great moisturizers
  • Good for all beard types
  • Shines, hydrates and nourishes
  • Eucalyptus scent

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3. Mountaineer Brand All-Natural Beard Wash

If you are looking for an affordable beard wash, then we recommend this product from Mountaineer Brand. With its all-natural ingredients, it offers the same quality as other top tier brands at a reasonable price. It conditions your facial hair so that your beard will become soft and smooth to touch and easy to style.

Moreover, it does not contain dyes, parabens and artificial fragrances that might damage or irritate your skin. This product is also handcrafted in small batches to ensure that each bottle is of the highest-quality and most premium-grade.

Why we love it:

  • No chemicals
  • Mild components, but conditions deeply
  • Natural castile soap
  • Timber scent

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4. Shea Moisture Beard Wash and Detangler Set

Shea Moisture’s beard wash and detangler set is a must-have for men! Beard grooming and maintenance aren’t just about washing your facial hair. There are also those times where you may have frizzy and tangled beard hair. This 2-in-1 set is the perfect solution, as it comes with both beard wash and a beard detangler.  This is a must-have addition to your grooming arsenal, especially if you have a coarse and thick beard.

The beard wash softens and conditions full beards, and the detangler set contains maracuja oil and shea butter which helps to detangle your hair. This beard care product is also safe for sensitive skin.

Why we like it:

  • Best of all of the beard washes in this article for thick, coarse hair
  • Made with maracuja oil and shea butter
  • Shines and softens hair
  • pH-balanced formula
  • Clean feeling

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5. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Carrying liquid toiletries while traveling can be a pain, and this includes beard wash. When traveling by air, there are limits to how many ounces of liquid you can have in your carry-on. You also can’t be sure that your beard wash won’t spill if you put it inside your checked-in luggage. This may be a big reason you choose not to bring your beard wash along with you. But what if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore?

Professor Fuzzworthy ‘s Beard Shampoo does not come in a regular liquid or cream form like the others on our list. This is, in fact, a beard soap bar. With this soap bar, you don’t have to worry about unwanted spillage and airport security checks anymore. It also works whether you have curly or normal facial hair, oily or dry.  While it’s not quite a beard wash, this beard soap is a great option if you travel a lot!

Why we like it:

  • Soap bar form
  • Organic ingredients
  • Anti-itch
  • Softens beard
  • Promotes faster and thicker hair growth
  • Masculine woody fragrance

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6. Live Bearded American Beard Wash

Live Bearded American Beard Wash is another great choice. It is proudly made with top-shelf ingredients that are custom-formulated to fit every man’s beard goals whether he is in the United States or any other country.

This beard wash exudes a campfire fragrance, which is perfect for outdoor guys. If you do not like the campfire fragrance, however, you can also choose the Wingman scent, which has citrus, clove and vanilla.  Or perhaps you will prefer the classy Executive scent, which has a leather fragrance.

Regardless of which scent you choose, we can assure you that this is indeed a great beard wash that will leave you with a healthy, clean, and fresh beard.

Why we like it:

  • Made in the USA
  • Alcohol-free shampoo
  • Beard oil shampoo
  • Great for coarse hair

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7. Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash

Why have a bottle of beard wash AND a bottle of face wash if you can get them both in one bottle? Every Man Jack offers just that. You can now get a clean and fresh beard while also refreshing and cleaning your face in this one-of-a-kind product. Just like the others on our list, Every Man Jack also contains many natural ingredients that provide amazing benefits like cleaning, moisturizing and refreshing your skin and facial hair.

On top of that, this company is also cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. This beard care product has not been tested on animals, and their bottles are made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. So, you get a healthy beard, moisturized skin, and an environmentally-friendly beard wash all in one bottle!

Why we like it:

  • Natural ingredients from plant-based products
  • Contains rosemary and sage oils
  • Ethically made in the USA
  • Does not contain parabens and dyes
  • No phthalates and non-GMO
  • Cruelty-free
  • Cedar scent

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Taking care of yourself is essential. From head to toe, you need to maintain a great deal of hygiene to ensure that you look healthy and you live healthily. One of the best ways to start that is by embracing beard care. The best beard wash provides you with a clean, fresh and healthy beard and is a must-have for every man.

The next step after choosing the right beard wash is to choose an excellent beard conditioner.  Read our article 10 Best Beard Conditioners: What They Are and How They Work for some great tips!

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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