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Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards: 7 Pro Picks

Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards

Growing your beard out will set you apart from the crowd. People see fully-bearded men as older, wiser, and more assertive. And more men these days are embracing this style to define their masculinity.

A long beard is more than just a style though. It acts as a layer of protection for your face, protecting it from the sun, and keeping you warm when it is cold outside.  However, growing a longer and fuller beard does not necessarily mean just letting it develop on its own.

Trimming is essential in keeping your beard healthy. Regular beard maintenance will also help to prevent split ends and flyaway hairs that disrupt your beard’s natural flow.

That is why you need a great beard trimmer to help keep your beard in shape.  Long and bushy beards look great if they are tidy, but they do require some attention.  So below, we will give our seven recommendations to help you pick the best beard trimmer for long beards.

How to Pick the Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best beard trimmer for long beards:

1. The sharpness of the blade

The sharpness of the blade is your first consideration when choosing a beard trimmer. A sharp trimmer blade makes a cleaner cut to give you that sleek finish. Pick a beard trimmer with ground steel, ceramic, or titanium blades. These materials are more durable and create a sharper and longer-lasting blade, which provides a more precise and efficient cut.

2. Length adjustment

The length setting is useful if you want to keep your beard at a certain length. You can set it once, and know that the next time you use the trimmer, it will cut your beard to the same length.  We recommend getting a beard trimmer with multiple length settings for versatility. This is useful for styling your beard, or for changing your beard style in the future.

3. Power and motor

Make sure that the trimmer you choose has a motor strong enough to give the trimmer the power that you need.

Also, give some thought as to whether you prefer a corded or a cordless beard trimmer. Corded trimmers have more motor power and efficiency for longer styling, but you need to be near an outlet to use them. Cordless or battery-operated need recharging, but you can use them anywhere, especially important if you are traveling.

4. Design

Easy-to-use models provide a more comfortable grip, which will help prevent accidental snipping that alters the beard’s length or nicking yourself in the process. Choose the best design that feels most comfortable with your grip.

5. Shears and brush

For medium length or extremely long beards, shears and a brush are also important. These are the tools that create a tapered look. They can also access the hard-to-reach- contours of your face to create a more even cut.

7 Pro Picks: The Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards

The best beard trimmer for long beards can get you a decent cut without breaking your bank – or your skin. As mentioned above, your trimmer also needs to be versatile enough that it can handle different lengths of hair.

So, in buying your beard tool, make sure to choose a beard trimmer with various length adjustment settings. These types of trimmers have different comb attachments for swapping through different beard lengths of your choice.

1. Remington The Beardsman MB4045B.  Remington is the ideal beard trimmer for long beards. Its three-length combs are best for handling different beard styles. Its trimming range is from 1.5mm up to 35 mm. It also has a zoom-wheel that locks the comb in place for more security. Aside from the trimmer, it also has a shear and a brush if you want a more tapered look.

2. Philips Norelco MG7750. This Multigroom Series provides you with optimum trimming for all body hair types, including long beards. This 23-piece set has 14 trimming guards, which range from 1 to 16mm for a convenient and quick beard style anytime. The self-sharpening blade of its DualCut Technology offers more precision and durability for up to 5 years.

3. Wahl Model 5622 GroomsmanWahl Groomsman is an all-in-one grooming kit that features 14 different trimming guards from 1.5 to 12mm. Its self-sharpening ground steel blades give you that maximum cut for a more even finish. This rechargeable tool is one of the best beard trimmers for long beards, especially for men on-the-go. It is also the best beard trimmer for long beards for men on a budget.

best beard trimmer for long beards4. Panasonic Multigroom Beard Trimmer Kit.  Panasonic’s Multigroom beard trimmer has a hypoallergenic 45-degree sharp blade for a clean and safe beard cut. It has an adjustable trimmer dial that provides 39 different length settings to its three comb attachment. It also has a rubberized ergonomic design for comfort and safety.

5. Braun Beard Trimmer for Men BT5240best beard trimmer for long beards.  With its AutoSensing Technology, Braun’s Beard Trimmer can senses your beard’s length, thickness and contours 13 times per second. With each scan, it adjusts its motor according to your beard’s thickness for an effortless trim. Braun’s BT5240 is the best beard trimmer for long beards as it has an 11-20mm trimming comb. Its ultra-sharp blades can cut through any hair thickness with ease. It will give you that crisp and clean edge for your long beard.

6. Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer.  When it comes to memory, this innovative beard trimmer from Remington gives you a quicker cutting experience. It stores your previous trimming lengths so you can maintain your beard’s consistent look the next time around. Best of all, the motorized comb has about 175 length settings from 0.4-18mm! This trimmer is the smart choice for customized trimming performance.

7. ConairMAN Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer.  This rechargeable beard trimmer has 39 trimming settings from 1mm-20mm for versatile styling. It also has a 60-degree trimming arc for a more clear-cut trim of beards of all lengths. It includes a shear for styling your long beards. And for less bathroom mess, it has a built-in hair collector at the base to eliminate your post-trimming worries.

Wrapping It Up

If you are maintaining your beard, you may need to trim it down every couple of weeks. That’s why it is essential to keep your beard grooming kit handy. Letting a barber handle your beard for you is okay. But doing it yourself will save you from the trip and the hassle.

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