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Best Beard Care Products – How to Get the Best Beard of Your Life

Beard Oil Do

Beard maintenance can be trickier than you might think! Taking care of your beard is a mix of both skincare and hair care, as you have to give attention to the needs of both the beard hair and the skin that is hiding underneath.

It’s not enough to simply wash your skin with plain soap or use regular shampoo on your facial hair. If you want to avoid skin irritation and keep your beard soft, using the best beard care products will be essential.

So, which products should you choose?

Whether it is your first time maintaining a beard or you need ideas to incorporate the best-quality care products into your existing beard care routine, our list below will help you to grow the best beard ever!

Our Top Picks for Your Beard-Care Routine

When shopping for the best beard care products, the primary aim should be getting high-quality products that do not damage your hair and skin. The products we’ve selected below serve that purpose, and are an excellent place to start:

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Slate Beard Trimmer

wahl stainless steel lithium ion 2.0+ slate beard trimmer for men

We’ll start off our review of the best beard care products with one of the most important items. A good beard trimmer kit is a necessary investment for your beard-care routine.

The Wahl Beard Trimmer Kit is highly respected among top-rated barbers.  It comes with 12 different length combs, 4 different head attachments, and its battery can last up to 6 hours before you need to charge.

The Wahl trimmer is versatile enough to shape and trim all types of beards, making it a good investment for a beginner.

Viking Revolution Facial Scrub for Men

microdermabrasion face scrub for men

Bearded men tend to forget about caring for the skin underneath their bushy beard, but it’s still there! A skin exfoliant can be great for your skin but becomes especially important when you’re working on beard care.

Specially formulated for men’s facial skin, Viking Revolution Facial Scrub for Men works to reduce spots, and perhaps most important, prevents ingrown hair problems. This facial scrub is 100% natural and organic, and will gently exfoliate, cleanse pores, remove oily build-up, and keep your skin clean and fresh.

Sebastian SEB MAN The Groom Hair & Beard Oil

sebastian seb man the groom hair & beard oil

If you’re looking for a softer beard, then beard oil is a great investment! Using Sebastian Seb Man lightweight beard oil a few times a week will help soften your beard hair, as well as the skin underneath.

This oil is loaded with hair-healthy ingredients like almond oil and jojoba, and unlike some other beard oils, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your beard.

This oil is also great if you have dry skin, and will help to make it smoother.

If beard itchiness is an issue for you, this oil can help in that regard as well.

Zilberhaar Pocket Beard Brush

zilberhaar travel beard brush

The Zilberhaar Picket Beard Brush is a must for any daily beard care routine. Brushing will not only help you straighten your beard, but it also helps in cleaning and exfoliating your skin.

Using this boar bristle brush can also help you evenly distribute beard balm or beard oil throughout your beard and mustache. Whenever you moisturize your beard during beard grooming, using this pocket-sized, travel-friendly brush can help you ensure an even distribution of the product that you are using.

Murdock London Men’s Beard Moisturizer

murdock london mens beard moisturiser

Unlike a traditional beard balm, Murdock London Men’s Beard Moisturizer is a lightweight, less greasy option. It is made from a combination of aloe vera and natural citrus that works to further soften, hydrate, and protect the skin while leaving your beard hair soft and healthy.

If you have struggled with beard balm products that were too greasy or that clogged your pores, this is a great choice! Though it is non-greasy, it still helps with issues like dry hair or beard itch.

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

gillette skinguard mens razor and razor blades

Having a beard does not mean that you won’t need a razor- you’ll still need one to keep your remaining face areas clean and tidy. Whether you have a long beard or a short beard, you’ll still want a razor to help you maintain a clean beard neckline and cheek line.

The Gillette SkinGuard Razor is an especially good choice if you have sensitive skin, as it will minimize razor burn and help in reducing ingrown hair around the neck. A razor can be as useful as a beard trimmer depending on your hair growth and beard style, making investing in a razor a great idea!

Jack Black Beard Wash

jack black beard wash

It’s a fact that beards can get very dirty if not maintained regularly. We recommend you use a beard shampoo like Jack Black Beard Wash to suit your beard washing needs.

This is especially necessary if beard growth is your goal. The longer the beard, the more care it needs! You’ll need to invest in a grooming product like a beard shampoo to promote healthy beard growth.

Jack Black Beard Wash will work to cleanse your beard hair without damaging the skin underneath. It is advisable to wash your beard hair every time you shampoo your scalp hair, to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and free of dirt and grime.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

professor fuzzworthys beard shampoo with all natural oils from tasmania australia

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo is a 100% natural shampoo bar, and is another great option if you’re looking for a product to clean your beard! It consists of natural ingredients including olive oil, castor oil, honey, and beeswax to make your hair softer and to promote faster, thicker hair growth.

To use this product, ensure that your beard is wet, then rub it with this shampoo bar to create a rich lather. Give a quick massage through the entire beard hair and rinse it.

You can also use the help of a beard brush like The Zilberhaar Picket Beard Brush that we reviewed above to really work the product into your beard.

Just for Men the Best Beard Conditioner Ever

just for men the best beard conditioner ever

Made with the ingredients like soothing aloe, oatmeal, chamomile, and jojoba oil, Just For Men Best Beard Conditioner Ever is exactly what you need for a soft and smooth beard. Conditioning your beard hair after you shampoo is important, as it helps in retaining the healthy oils that get stripped out of your hair during the hair washing process.

This specially-formulated conditioner won’t clog the pores on your chin, all while making it easier for you to manage your beard hair. It also has a light and non-greasy formula, if greasiness is an area of concern for you.

Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm

honest amish heavy duty beard balm

A beard balm is great for taming flyaways and keeping your beard to your preferred shape. Tested and approved by beard teams around the world, Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm uses the finest organic oils and butters to soften your beard while giving you the desired control.

This beard balm is also free from fragrances and petrochemicals, made from all-natural ingredients. If you’re looking for something gentle to tame your unruly beard, Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm is a great place to start.

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

fisticuffs mustache wax

Are you rocking a handlebar mustache? Maintaining a long mustache will become easier with this mustache wax.

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax has a thicker consistency than a traditional beard balm, so it isn’t best to use on your entire beard. However, it is perfect for your mustache as you will be able to shape it into your desired style with sharp percision.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

philips norelco oneblade, hybrid electric trimmer and shaver

The Philips OneBlade Electric Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver is a revolutionary product, designed for men who sport stubble beards or those who are trying to accomplish unique facial hairstyles. Its small size makes it travel friendly and gives it the ability to make precise shapes and clean edges.

You can use it to trim and style all hair types regardless of their length. Whether you simply want to keep your lines crisp or go for a crazy beard design, a small detailer like Philips OneBlade trimmer is perfect.

Equinox Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

equinox professional razor edge series barber hair cutting scissor

For those of you with longer beards, hair trimming scissors are great for dealing with scraggly strands and keeping your beard in shape. The precise blades of the Equinox Profissional Hair Cutting Scissors are ultra-sharp, preventing split ends as you trim your beard hair into shape.

Before you begin trimming, make sure to brush your beard hair thoroughly to give you a clear idea about the shape. Then, use your scissors to trim to your desired length, and take care of any stray hairs. Lastly, make sure to use a beard balm or beard butter to keep your style in place.

Viking Revolution: Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

viking revolution luxury safety razor shaving kit

The last of our best beard care products takes just about all of the types of products we recommend above and puts them into one package.  If you are a one-stop-shop kind of a person, the Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit is the perfect product for you. It contains everything that you will need to keep your face soft and smooth while getting a perfectly trimmed beard. This beard kit includes:

  • 10 razor blades
  • Safety razor stand
  • Shaving brush
  • Shaving bowl
  • Beard soap for Shaving
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Aftershave balm

Get this kit, and you’ll be all set to start your beard care routine.

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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