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Beard Split Ends: How to Tame, Treat and Prevent Them

Beard Split Ends

We can’t always control everything that happens with our bodies. From acne breakouts to allergic reactions, our bodies will do what they do.

One such problem that many guys deal with at some point is beard split ends.

To maintain a healthy and thick beard, we need to know how to properly prevent beard problems like split ends, even before they happen. And if the problem is already there, we need to know how to properly treat it to minimize – or get rid – of the issue.

What Are Beard Split Ends?

This is one of those problems that is exactly what it sounds like.  If not maintained properly, your beard hairs can become split at their ends. Split ends will leave your beard looking frizzy and rough.

Many of us will deal with split ends at some point, but this common problem is easily solved with the proper regimen.

Why Do They Happen

It is essential to know why split ends on your facial hair happen. To prevent further occurrences, it is best to treat the root cause of the problem rather than just treating the split ends. After you know the reason why you have split ends, you can then deal with the root cause, and hopefully, get rid of the problem for good.

There are several reasons why split ends happen:

1. Lack of Nourishment

Your hair follicles have sebaceous glands at every root. These glands produce the natural sebum oil that serves as our beard’s nourishment. However, it only produces a limited amount of oil that is enough for a certain beard length.

So if the beard has grown too long, your sebaceous gland cannot produce enough oil for your hair needs. This will lead to a lack of nutrition, resulting in drying out your hair, especially at the hairs’ tips. As hairs become too dry, they become brittle and coarse. When this happens, beard split ends occur.

2. Incorrect Use of Beard Products and Tools

Some may think that all beard products and tools are the same, but seasoned bearded men know better. Eevery man is different, and so are the products and tools that are available for our beard care routine. Make sure that you use the proper grooming arsenal intended for your beard type and style.

Moreover, make sure that you are using products intended specifically for beards. Some men we know use hair shampoo for their beard hair. The thought that all shampoos are the same is not applicable at all. The components used in making hair shampoos can be too strong for our facial hairs.

We suggest you check which ingredients are in the products that you are using to make sure that there aren’t any harsh chemicals.

After washing your beard with shampoo and conditioner, we also recommended that you apply a good beard oil and / or balm.

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3. Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

External temperatures also affect the health of your beard. Both winter cold and summer heat can have an impact on your hair. Even the use of a blow dryer, beard straighteners, and other heat-related tools to keep your beard manageable and well-kept can result in split ends.

4. Beard Dyeing

Gray hairs are not welcomed by most of us! Especially younger men who are experiencing grey hairs earlier than usual due to genetic factors.

Coloring the beard has the appealing aesthetic effect of achieving your normal hair color and making it look better. Unfortunately, the dyes can cause damage to the hair. They open the cuticles so that the color can seep through the shafts.

And while it is great for obtaining the color you want, it makes the cuticles weak and ragged, resulting in split ends. Some dyes contain ammonia and peroxide, which cause severe dryness and damage to your beard, also making it susceptible to split ends.

5. Overcombing

Combing benefits the beard in many ways, but too much of something isn’t always good. Proper combing is needed to ensure a healthy beard. You comb your beard when you style it; you also comb your beard to distribute beard products such as oil and balm evenly.

But two or three times per day is as often as you should comb your beard; too much combing can damage the hair cuticles.

How to Stop Beard Split Ends

The reasons for beard split ends vary from one person to another, but the practices and habits that lead to split ends are all avoidable. The best thing you can do is find something to prevent the occurrence of beard split ends in your individual case.

Regularly Trim Your Beard

Trimming your beard regularly, especially if you have a long beard, keeps split ends at bay. Through trimming, you can remove the damaged ends but still keep your hairs at the desired length. It is recommended to trim the beard every week or two.

Use the Right Products and Tools for Your Beard Hair

By this, we mean the products specifically made for beard use. So, ditch the hair shampoo, and get yourself the best beard shampoo and conditioner available. While you’re at it, add beard oil and beard balm to your shopping cart too. Just make sure that you check the ingredients used in making the products. Stick to all-natural ingredients as much as possible so that there are fewer sensitivity reactions and side effects.

Tools are also essential in your beard care routine. For example, using a plastic comb on your beard is a big no-no. Though it is cheaper than other combs, the plastic’s edges can create split ends by tearing your hair apart.

The best choices for beardsmen when it comes to combs are saw-cut combs such as this one from ZEUS or a natural horn comb that reduces static and stops tangles, like this ox horn comb from Man & Mane.

Minimize the Use of Heat and Other Products That Cause Beard Damage

Avoid exposing your beard to extreme temperatures if you want to prevent split ends. However, we understand that the use of beard straighteners to help straighten curly beards may be needed from time to time.

If you need to use a heat producing tool to straighten your beard, be sure to choose the best ones. Some tools on the market come equipped with technology to prevent damage as much as possible. So, make sure to check the features of the tools before you cash out.

Don’t Overdo Combing

Combing 3-4 times a day will help to keep your beard in shape. Do not overdo combing, and make sure to use the proper comb. You can also finish off with ZilberHaar’s boar bristles beard brush to straighten, untangle and properly manage your fuzz.

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Eat Healthily and Take Supplements When Needed

Last but not least, eat healthy. All of your body hairs need keratin to stay healthy, so it is a good idea to up your protein intake. Add a glass of milk to your diet, grab a box of eggs at the grocery store, and add lean meat to your meal plan. Taking supplements such as vitamin B complex also aids in healthy hair growth.


Beard split ends can hurt your appearance and dampen your self-esteem. Learn the different reasons why they occur so that you can address the problem properly.

After understanding the root cause, you will be able to make the appropriate changes to your habits and beard care routine to solve the problem.  It is easy to avoid split ends as long as you keep yourself on track.

Hi I'm Steve, and I've been trimming men's hair and beards for 6 years now. Many guys ask me about beard styles, how to grow a better beard, and how to take care of their beards. I share my techniques here in this blog.

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