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10 Thin Beard Styles for All Types of Beards

Chin Strap

Not everyone can grow a full lumberjack-style beard. If your beard grows in patches, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shave it off, you might just need to style it differently. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to style your beard that works for thinner growth. Regardless of how your beard grows, we’re sure you’ll find the right style for you.

Thin Stubble

Thin Stubble Beard
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today

Let’s start off simple. If your beard struggles to reach a fuller length, try clipping it down to a thin stubble beard. This style is ideal for men who have problems with irritable skin when they try to grow a longer beard. You can tidy up the chin and necklines at the same time, making your style more symmetrical and structured. Thin stubble is also a good style for paving the way for a full-grown beard, keeping your look stylish while your hair is growing out.

Cheekbone Highlight

Cheekbone Highlight Beard
Photo courtesy of AtoZHairstyles

If your beard grows longer close to your ears but thins out as it moves towards your mustache, then you can embrace this and use it to highlight your cheekbones. Clean up the edges underneath your cheeks so that the line runs neatly parallel to your cheekbones. This style will give structure to your face and, if you have naturally high cheekbones, it will allow you to show off this desirable facial feature.


Photo courtesy of Jonas Kakaroto at Unsplash

Some of us have beards that grow well around the mouth but are patchier on the cheeks. You can make the most of this by sporting a goatee, as worn by celebrities, including Johnny Depp. This style will contour your jaw area, making your face look more chiseled. To achieve this look, let your mustache and chin beard grow out, keeping the hairs trimmed to the same length. At the same time, be sure to shave off any areas of unwanted growth on your cheeks.

Chin Strap

Chin Strap
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It goes without saying that a chin strap beard is not always a good look, but it could be the right style for you if your beard grows better around your jawline and mustache and not so well on your cheeks. It can also accentuate your jaw. To get this look, shave the higher parts of your cheeks as well as any growth on your neck, and clip the beard along your jawline shorter. Keep it stylish though by maintaining a thicker chin strap (avoid a thin chin strap like the plague!)

Chin Strap and Goatee

Chin Strap Goatee
Photo courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today

You can also combine the last two styles by having a chin strap beard and a goatee. Note that this will require you to have decent growth around your mouth and jawline, but it doesn’t matter if your beard gets thinner as you move up your cheeks. If you are experiencing slightly patchy beard growth around your mouth and jawline, it’s a good idea to keep the beard hair fairly short so as not to highlight this. This is a good look if you want more coverage on your face.

Faded Chin Strap

Faded Chin Strap
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Another variation on the chin strap is the faded chin strap. It can help you avoid the undesirable look of a thin chin strap but will soften the edges of your beard to achieve a more subtle style. You can also combine this style with a goatee to highlight the hair left on your beard and chin.

Patchy Goatee

Patchy Goatee
Photo courtesy of Silviu Benjamin Tofan of Unsplash

A patchy goatee could be the right thin beard style for you if you’re looking for a more casual look. Let your beard grow wherever it does on your cheeks but clip it down to minimize the appearance of patches. Then, shape the goatee area (mustache and soul patch) to your desired style.

Short Boxed

Short Boxed Beard
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The short boxed style involves a U-shaped mustache that curves down to join up with the beard along your jawline. You just need to shave your neck and the area below your mouth up to the chin (leaving the soul patch). This is a popular style, as worn by celebrities, including Chris Pine.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Make a statement by shaving your beard into mutton chops, so-called because the shape resembles a cutlet of meat, with the facial hair growing larger as it gets towards the chin. This is a brave option to go for, but it could work for you if you have an eclectic style. For the most extreme version, shave your chin beard to leave just the sideburns. And to really stand out, why not add a handlebar mustache too?


Overgrown Beard
Photo by Erik Mclean of Unsplash

Finally, if you’re brave enough, you can simply let your beard grow out. With some styling, this is still an option for a thin beard. For example, you can use a beard brush or comb to maneuver your thicker hair to cover up the thinner patches. You can then use products such as beard balm to hold these hairs in place. If you persevere with this, then eventually, your beard will grow out, and the patches will become less obvious.

Final Tip: Beard Oil

If your beard is patchy and you still need to grow it out a little to achieve one of these styles, then you might want to consider using beard oil. Beard oil is thought to provide a healthy growth environment for the hair by providing the extra oil and nourishment that it needs to grow. It will also help you to style your beard too.  Read our article What Does Beard Oil Do And Why You Should Use It Every Day? to learn more.


So, these are our 10 best beard styles for you if you have thinner, patchier beard growth. Try them out and see which one works for you! Remember, when styling your thin beard, make sure to even all the hairs out. You want to do this even as you are growing your beard hair. It helps the beard look maintained and much fuller and less like a patchy beard.

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